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Santa Fe Students All Issued Chromebooks

Students from Santa Fe Computer Science Magnet School lined up to receive Chromebooks, chargers and laptop sleeves to protect the computers.

"A Chromebook gives students access to our digital world," Principal Geoff Zamarripa said. "By giving our students this competitive advantage, we are preparing them with the skills that employers desire and setting them up for a brighter future."

At Santa Fe, students will create, collaborate, develop, communicate, and interact online with the Chromebooks, adding a new dimension to the school’s curriculum. Many subjects such as English and math have available online curricula, and students and teachers can begin working on the transition immediately.

Digital instruction provides access for teachers to monitor the progress of assignments, ensuring each student is staying on track with classroom work. Teachers can switch focus more on project-based instruction, giving students the opportunity to learn new skills and master new concepts as they conduct research to complete projects.

Source: Monrovia Schools press release

- Brad Haugaard

1 comment:

  1. In theory it is nice but reality is they fall in disrepair and students end up having to share. No onsite tech support.