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A Nice Hike Above Monrovia

I just discovered a nice little hike to a great lookout (see the view in the video). Here’s how to get there (At your own risk, I hasten to add.). 

Go north on Alta Vista, then go left on Cloverleaf until you get here ...

The entrance to the Wilderness Area is the green arrow, not the red X. Follow the trail until you get to this gate ...

The main trail is to the left, but the foot trail to the right is what you want. The trail looks like this...

Take this trail until you get to this fork ...

Take the right fork until it ends at the lookout. It’s not steep and not too far.

But if you decide to hike anywhere in the hills you do it at your own risk. I recently saw a cute baby gopher snake that coiled and threatened me. Oops! Glad I kept my distance. It was actually a rattler. 

- Brad Haugaard 

1 comment:

  1. Park rangers will actually kick you off that trail. We've been threatened twice by them while on it. They say that it's not a named, marked trail so it's off limits. Totally ridiculous, but just a heads up. It's rattle snake city up there right now and the grasses are so high that you can't even see the trail at some points.