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How Far South In Monrovia Have Bears Gone?

Monrovian Peter Fertig reports this hefty bear was in their front yard, cooling off in their fountain. "One of the reasons," he writes, "we all love Monrovia."

It's common to get bears in north Monrovia, and the Fertigs live on Oakcliff Road in the Norumbega area right next to the wash that comes down from Canyon Park, so this is perhaps not unusual, though this one looks pretty substantial. But anyway, it got me wondering:

How far south have bears gone? I think I've seen reports of them as far south as Foothill, but much further?

I'm curious. Has anyone seen bears further south than Foothill Boulevard?

Brad Haugaard


  1. Yes. I live on Royal Oaks. A few years back, a neighbor sold their house on the same street. While talking to him before they left, he said they had a bear playing in their kiddie pool. They did post the video on YouTube. Their house was about 2 or 3 houses down the street.

  2. I had a momma bear and cub in my backyard a few years ago... we live on Palm, 2 blocks below Foothill, between Mountain and Shamrock.