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Projects at Monrovia Schools

Monrovia Unified School District's vision of offering world-class schools for our world -class students is reflected in the work being done this summer in our facilities. While budgets remain tight, we were able to find matching grants and capitalize on past work to renovate the air-conditioning systems at Plymouth Elementary School and Clifton Middle School. Most exciting is the use of our restricted funds to renovate the track and field at Wildcat Stadium.

The turf, installed in 2011, was coming to the end of its life cycle. Thanks to the leadership of the Board of Education and the tenacity of the Business Department, the upgrade expected to occur a few years from now, is happening this summer. The project features several remarkable benefits.

First, the upgrades will cost our community a fraction of their cost. Materials used in the original, totaled almost $500,000. The contractor who installed the field stood behind its work and offered not only a free replacement, but a low-cost upgrade to a much higher quality field - and a new warranty extending coverage for eight years.

The more than $210,000 project will include smoothing out the field to eliminate uneven areas that had developed over the last eight years. The District also opted to upgrade the rubber pellet infill to a cool-fill product, which helps decrease the turf temperature. In addition to the turf replacement, contractors will relocate communication boxes to outer parts of the field, ensuring the continued safety of students.

Moving toward a wireless approach, the District is upgrading technology infrastructure by purchasing and testing Sling Studio, a wireless device that allows students to record and stream competitions without having to physically link with communication boxes.

Taken altogether, the project will ensure our athletes and the community can enjoy the field for 10 to 15 more years, while presenting our students with new learning opportunities.

Repairs began June 10 and are expected to be completed by July 19. At the completion of the project, the track will be cleaned and re-striped. At this time, summer practices for MHS sports are being held on alternative fields.

For more information, please call the District office at 471-2000.

Source: Monrovia Schools press release

- Brad Haugaard

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