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Local Governments Considering Coyote Policy

After reports of coyote attacks - including at least one from Monrovia - the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments may create a "coyote management task force" and decide on a policy to address the rising coyote population, which would focus on "public outreach and education," but not, apparently, on trapping.

- Brad Haugaard

1 comment:

  1. They do keep other varmints in check, but lead-poisoning with a suppressed arm by qualified marksmen seems like a good idea for the ones that are regularly around humans. Some years ago a 2 year old girl in Glendale was mauled to death by a coyote, and a few weeks later a child was attacked in a back yard not too far away. That coyote went over a 6 foot fence to get at the child. It could not get out before police arrived and put it down. City engaged some hunters who culled the population by 27 out of very local hills.