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More Old Town Parking Now Available; New City Entryway Coming for Fifth and Huntington

In his latest report ( City Manager Oliver Chi reports:

~ A new public parking lot is now open on Lime Avenue just east of Ivy Avenue following resurfacing, re-marking and new signs. The city is asking all City employees to park in the new lot during the day to free up public parking in the more convenient lot across the street from the Police Department (at the northwest corner of Lime and Ivy).

~ The city will be reconfiguring and widening the southwest entryway to the city at Huntington and Fifth. Work should begin by mid-July. The existing entryway monument will be removed (though it'll be kept), the covering over the underground pedestrian trail will be expanded, adding more than 100 square feet to the corner and for the installation of new welcome monuments, improved landscaping, new traffic signals, and pedestrian space. This is the proposed new entryway sign on the left.

~  SCAG (Southern California Area Governments) has released its 2019 Local Profiles. Here's Monrovia's:

- Brad Haugaard

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