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Monrovia Faces Greater Wildfire Danger than Paradise, California

According to a study by USA Today and the Arizona Republic, the danger to Monrovia from wildfire is greater than the danger to Paradise, California, which was so badly damaged in the Camp Fire.

On a 1 to 5 scale, with 5 being the most dangerous, Paradise ranked 3.81. Monrovia ranks 4.46. Of particular concern is Monrovia's "evacuation constraint," meaning the ability of people to rapidly escape an advancing fire. Monrovia scored a very high - and bad - 816 (the median is 110).

My guess is that this refers primarily to the foothills area, especially along Norumbega, and up Canyon Boulevard.

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Monrovia stats:

- Brad Haugaard


  1. Sarcastically I say, GREAT, I just moved up here...

  2. We have some neighborhoods in the foothills, but ALL of Paradise was in the wilderness-urban interface. When my family was looking for a home in Monrovia, my wife (who grew up in the foothills of La Canada) had a rule - no homes with only one road in and out.

    Our fire department is very aware of which neighborhoods have only one road in and out, and would quickly respond if there was any threat. We saw that with the Madison fire five years ago.

    Be vigilant. But sleep soundly at night. We're well taken care of.

  3. I live just outside Monrovia Canyon Park. If the winds are not blowing, I feel safe against whatever nature throws at us based on our amazing first responders. If the winds are blowing, all bets are off, and not just in my neighborhood but below Foothill Blvd as well. Clear brush, smart roofing, and if there is a fire, escape with family and pets, all else is expendable.