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Council to Consider $42 and $43 Million Budgets; Sully-Miller to Take Over South Monrovia Street Work

At its next meeting (agenda: the Monrovia City Council will consider ...

~  A two-year budget for Fiscal Years 2019-21 of $42 and $43 million. The staff report says the money will be spent, "maintaining a high level of service to the community, striving to implement significant capital infrastructure and facility improvements, enhancing public safety initiatives, advancing historic preservation / neighborhood compatibility practices, facilitating appropriate new development activity, and addressing economic development priorities."

~  Having Sully-Miller, the contractor doing street and sewer repairs in north Monrovia, complete construction in the south part of town for an amount not to exceed $4.15 million. The staff report says the contractor that was doing the south end of town, and the city, "mutually agreed upon to reduce the scope of work that would be completed by due to a variety of coordination and scheduling issues."

- Brad Haugaard

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