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Statement of Monrovia School Board Candidate Selene Lockerbie

Hello, my name is Selene Lockerbie and I am running for Monrovia School Board.

Monrovia teachers, civic leaders, community members, business owners and parents are supporting my candidacy because they know that I will bring a fresh, informed, and passionate perspective to the school board. I look forward to working with the other board members, superintendents, teachers, staff, and our state and federal legislators to improve our students’ scholastic futures.

I am running to bring gender diversity, transparency, and the stakeholders’ voice to the board. My Educational Trifecta is: developmentally appropriate curriculum materials; better budget management that focuses resources on the schools, not bureaucracy; and innovative programs that entice enrollment in MUSD. I have three videos posted on my Facebook page, Selene Lockerbie for Monrovia School Board, that unpack these priorities in more depth.

I welcome the opportunity to support and expand our music and arts programs for all children, reinforce our Dual Spanish and Mandarin Language programs at Monroe and Plymouth, and bring vocational programs to the High School to offer students and families an option of a path to college or a respectable vocational career.

When you consider that I am a parent of school-aged children, who will be in this district’s public schools for seven more years, a community volunteer, a campus volunteer, and a Girl Scout leader you can be confident that your vote for me is the best investment for our children’s educational success.

Please vote for Selene Lockerbie for Monrovia School Board.


  1. Happy to say I already cast my vote for Selene Lockerbie!

  2. Selene: How are you going to address the issue that was brought to our community's attention a couple of days ago regarding ignored sexual abuse in our schools? Prior to approving large settlement payouts for wrongdoing, will you hold Principals and Administrators accountable for what goes on under their watch?