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Sex Abuse Lawsuit Against Monrovia School District Settled

Lawyers for a former Monrovia High student who said she was sexually abused by a security guard said she has reached a settlement with the school district in her lawsuit. link

- Brad Haugaard

1 comment:

  1. This abuse of children was prevalent for years and ignored...many many complaints, rumors, all not reported to authorities for PROPER investigation which is REQUIRED BY LAW as mandated reporters. It took the courage of one person to come forward to bring this to light? It's on record that parents complained, students complained and the rumored-abuse was well-known by the principal at the time, Darvin Jackson. Why is he not being held accountable for actions, rape, serious life-altering actions during his watch? Yet he is promoted to Superintendent? This is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. Superintendent Thorossian simply said that insurance settled the matter. The Board had to have voted any settlement approval and KNEW what went on and the cover-up by MHS administration and no one is held accountable for actions that took place under their watch, during the day and ON CAMPUS? So many students witness this security guard pulling the student out of class very frequently, and there's no policy against this? Why did the teachers turn a blind eye to the odd behavior of a girl leaving class repeatedly with him? And the security guard was allowed to "resign" amid these allegations and other that took place at the same time? I'm frightened for all of our children.