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Statement of Monrovia School Board Candidate Maritza Travanti

As a parent of a school-aged child, school volunteer, Hispanic female and a 28- year government professional, I am the best choice for the Monrovia School Board. As a Senior Policy Analyst with the IRS, I have the skills that directly translate to the duties of a board member such as data analysis, interpreting law, regulations, statutes, creating and reviewing budgets and drafting new policy.

Education every where is changing right before our eyes and I want to ensure Monrovia is on the cutting edge and preparing our children for a fast paced world. Education is not “One size fits all.” It is critical to have many viable options in place where students will feel inspired, focused on a pathway and feel a sense of readiness to embark on their future goals.

MUSD needs to attract and retain students by continuing to add programming that is attractive and beneficial in addition to becoming masters of the programs already in place such as the Dual Immersion, Code to the Future, STEM, Arts and curriculum that makes our graduating students competitive.

I will add new energy, a fresh perspective and a spirit of collaboration to ignite our community’s maximum education potential. 66% of all enrolled Monrovia students are Hispanic or Latino. The board is in dire need of someone that understands the challenges and barriers that exist with many of our students and families. I have the right qualifications and background to make the biggest impact and hope to earn your vote!

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