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Local Groundwater Level Up More Than 10 Feet Since January

Local groundwater levels have risen more than ten feet since January, from 178.9 feet above mean sea level in January to 189.7 feet in March. An acceptable level is between 200 and 250 feet.

The San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District reports that:

"Significant winter storm activity in February enhanced positive trends in state and local reservoir, snowpack and groundwater conditions. As many reservoirs are approaching capacity, snowpack is nearly double normal levels, and local groundwater, which improves more slowly due to the time it takes stormwater runoff to percolate down to groundwater levels, has risen more than 10 feet year-to-date."

The district adds that, "It’s still too early to conclude the drought is over. Let’s save water now when it’s wet…for when it’s dry. We’ll need multiple above-average rain and snow years to recover from the current drought."

- Brad Haugaard

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