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Hillsides Slipping in North Monrovia

On Cloverleaf. 

In Canyon Park. 

City manager, Dylan Feick reports there has been new damage to Canyon Park, a mudslide on Cloverleaf, and the threat of mudslides in upper Monrovia. He writes:

“I am growing more concerned about the saturation of our hillsides and their propensity for flooding. Earlier today, we experienced a significant mudslide on Cloverleaf Drive just before Hidden Valley. The debris blocked the roadway and gas service had to be shut off for the debris removal. We will be covering the exposed hillside and placing k-rails in case more hillside comes down, which is quite likely. City crews are reporting more flood damage within Canyon Park and along Lower Clamshell Trail, as well as falling trees throughout the community.”

- Brad Haugaard 

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