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Job Openings in Monrovia; Replacing Street Lamps With LEDs; Postumous Pardon; Tree Trimming

 In his latest report ( City Manager Dylan Feik reports: 

~ If you want to keep up with job openings in the City of Monrovia, click here:

~ On November 17 the City Council will consider a deal with Southern California Edison to  upgrade 1,700 street lights from high-pressure sodium to LED bulbs, which use less energy and last longer. It is also a cleaner light less glare, reducing light pollution. Reduced electricity costs will pay for the upgrade and provide about $14,000 more per year in electrical cost savings. The project could begin as early as February.

~ Monrovia has asked Governor Newsom to consider a posthumous pardon for Steven Kiyoshi Kuromiya, who was arrested by Monrovia Police in 1956 for being gay. Kuromiya passed away over 20 years ago.

~ Tree trimming begins Monday, Nov. 9, between Mayflower and Myrtle from Foothill to the south city limit. It should take about 4 weeks.

- Brad Haugaard

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