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Announcement of School Board Candidacy of Rob Hammond

Hello Monrovia. COVID-19 has changed just about everything on how we operate as a school district except for one critical component, and that is the people.

The school district exists to serve our students, families, and community. In addition, the Board is here to support our administrators, teachers, and staff.

I believe a Boardmember must be fully engaged like never before. In these times of uncertainty I believe I have been present, accountable, accessible, calm, and above all else, understanding.

Everyday parents entrust our school district with their most precious gift, their children. I will keep working to make sure every student receives the education they deserve. I will keep working to make sure every student is ready for the next step in their lives following graduation. I will keep working to ensure the educational experience in Monrovia is second to none.

Sure, times have changed, but I will always remember I am here in the service of our students and parents.
I would very much appreciate your support, and vote, to continue to serve.

Please follow us on our website and like us on Facebook re-elect Rob Hammond.

- Brad Haugaard

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