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Monrovia Police to Participate in Pink Patch Project

Monrovia Police Department employees will be wearing these pink patches on their uniforms during "Breast Cancer Awareness Month" this October. The patches are intended to stimulate conversations and raise awareness about the importance of early detection and treatment in the fight against breast cancer.

The Pink Patch Project is a collaborative effort between the Los Angeles County Police Chiefs' Association and more than 175 public safety agencies throughout the nation.

The Monrovia Police Department is selling commemorative pink patches to the community, along with Pink Patch Project T-shirts, challenge coins and other items. Beginning September 3, these items will be sold at the Monrovia street fair, in our lobby, and on the City of Hope website ( Proceeds from the sale of Monrovia's commemorative Pink Patch Project items go to fund breast cancer education, research, and treatment at the City of Hope. For more information visit the Pink Patch Project website:

- Brad Haugaard

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