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City Council to Consider Fire Chief As Interim City Manager; Development Fee; Citizens Watchdog Committee

At its next meeting (agenda: the Monrovia City Council will consider ...

~  Naming Brad Dover, Fire Chief, as Interim City Manager. Dover will get a 15% salary increase over his current base pay while he serves as Interim City Manager, but no other compensation of benefit adjustments.

~ A Traffic Impact Fee. The idea is that new developments result in a strain on public services, so a fee on developments can be used to offset that problem. The staff report says the fee has the theoretical potential to raise more than $7 million, but, "In reality, the amount raised will be less. However, the fee has the realistic potential to provide several million dollars for traffic improvements over the next decade based on the level of development."

~  Creating a Citizen Advisory Committee for the Measure K "Keep Monrovia Revenue
Local Sales and Use Tax" ballot measure being considered by voters at the Special Election on November 5, 2019. (If you've forgotten, this tax would max out the legal tax rate for Monrovia so when - not "if", the city believes - the county wants to raise taxes again, it won't affect Monrovia because we'd already be at the legal limit.) The committee's responsibilities will be "monitoring the progress of key priorities and the budget status, as well as working to keep the community informed about how these monies are spent."

- Brad Haugaard

1 comment:

  1. What a terrible trade off: cramming more people into an already over-populated city in exchange for a few million dollars.

    When the glass is full and overflowing, it's time to stop pouring.