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Friday Oliver Chi's Last Day; Brad Dover to be Interim City Manager; Read Across Monrovia; Get Your Home Restored; Etc.

In his latest and last report ( City Manager Oliver Chi reports:

~  City Manager Oliver Chi's Final Update:

"This is difficult message to write, but I wanted to share with everyone that this will be my final City Manager's Update message.  This coming Friday, September 20, will be my last day working in Monrovia, and more than anything, what I feel right now is a profound sense of gratefulness.

"Grateful that I had the chance to work for this amazing place called Monrovia during the past five years.  And grateful for your support as the team at the City worked to best serve you in our efforts to create a community that offers a premier quality of life.  Monrovia has been a central part to the story of my life, and looking back on all of it... words just fail me.  I feel such overwhelming appreciation that you allowed me the privilege of serving as your city manager, and I am so immensely proud of what we have been able to do collectively... together.

"With eternal gratitude,
Oliver Chi
(310) 663-9837"

~ The City Council will consider naming Fire Chief Brad Dover as the city's interim city manager. Chi writes: "During the past five years, I've come to the realization that Brad is simply one of the best leaders - and best human beings - to have ever walked the planet.  And I'm so confident that Brad will do an amazing job as Monrovia's interim city manager!"

~ Volunteer to read to Monrovia students (K-5) during Read Across Monrovia on Thursday, Oct. 3.  Most visits start at 8 a.m. Fill out the form ( and return it. For information, call Joanne Spring at 358-1952 or Diane Delmatoff at 388-4544.

~  The DIY Network TV program, "Restored," which documents the restoration of vintage homes, is looking for three Monrovia homes to be on the show. The home must be a vintage Craftsman, Victorian, Spanish Colonial Revival or similar period home and have many of its original features; likely work would include a kitchen remodel, front entry, exterior, maybe bathroom and fireplace; homeowner must contribute at least $60,000; occupants must move out during the project - typically eight weeks. If interested, contact Jeff at

- Brad Haugaard

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