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Man Says He Shot Deer in Monrovia Neighborhood to Put It Out of Its Misery

The man who allegedly shot a deer with an arrow in a Monrovia neighborhood says he had shot the deer earlier in a hunting-approved area but just wounded it. He said it was suffering so he tracked it into a Monrovia neighborhood and took another shot at it to put it out of its misery.

- Brad Haugaard


  1. No way he tracked it from outside city limits to that street. That clown couldn't track a bright yellow school bus if he was sitting on the bumper.

  2. I don't believe this guy's story for a second. He is not a hunter.

    As I see it this guy is responsible for a least four incidents in the last year. We have the one on a neighbors security camera (which does not show an injured deer by the way), we have him on facebook admitting to shooting a deer near the clamshell truck trail (another one he didn't kill, but only maimed), then we have a large buck and smaller bear who have been walking around each with an arrow in them.

    He isn't even "hunting" mature male animals, he's not stalking his pray to get a good shot, he's a thrill-seeker who takes cheap opportunistic shots that are never humane kill shots. Someone with his terrible aim and decision making should not be carrying a weapon around the street.

    Real hunters should be ashamed of this guy and if he does have a hunter's license it should be permanently revoked.

    Bottom line he is a poor excuse for a hunter and a man and I hope he spends some time in jail or is fined to the poorhouse.

    1. For one the game warden has both arrows and the deer the reason the case is not being presented now because test are being down in a lab to confirm that it was hit twice . Walk into Monrovia Police department and notified that same night . Both options were breaking the law - one shoot in a residential area or leave a deer to die - my opinion from infections . Don't be so quick to judge someone with a license and tag that was already up there since 4 am that morning. By the way it was a legal 2x3 point 187 pound buck during archery hunting season. And as far as tracking something not that hard when you lived there for 27 years and covered the area as far going over the peak and further . Did you there's 3 waterfalls in monrovia canyon or past the Boy Scouts camp witch i was and a royal ranger for many years there's a rifle range up there . How about a 40 yard cave with water knee deep following out of it .

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I've never met a hunter that smokes while actively stalking deer, they cover themselves in urine for a reason.

    4. And what's the reason his story changed so dramatically from I never fired my bow to I had to put him out of his misery?