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Cities Join Monrovia's Anti Crime Coalition; Replacement Reservoir; Vet Video; Bike Plan

In his weekly report (, City Manager Oliver Chi reports:

~ Monrovia's Taking Back Our Community coalition is taking off. Council members Becky Shevlin and Larry Spicer, along with city staff, attended the League of California Cities Annual Conference to promote the coalition with a video ( The coalition seeks to modify elements of Assembly Bill 109, Proposition 47, and Proposition 57, which have resulted in public safety problems. Such problems include: Defining rape, battery, assault with a deadly weapon, and solicitation to commit murder as "non-violent." Chi says response to the coalition has "been overwhelming and positive.  We currently have approximately 25 cities that have formally joined the group, with another 15 cities in various stages of joining our efforts."

~ Construction on a replacement Oakglade Reservoir should begin in late December or early January 2018. The current 900,000 gallon reservoir, at 733 Oakglade Drive, way up Canyon Boulevard, was built in the late 1800s and was one of the original water reservoirs for Monrovia, but it has developed excessive leaks and cracks. The new one should hold  1.5 million gallons.

~  The Veterans Resource Center at the Monrovia Public Library has submitted its second interview to the Library of Congress's Veterans History Project, which collects first-hand accounts of vet who served in conflicts. This video ( features Joseph Callahan, a Vietnam Veteran, who served in the US Navy.

~  Monrovia, and other local cities, are developing Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plans to identify opportunities to improve conditions for walking and bicycling. Share your thoughts on this online survey:

- Brad Haugaard

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