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School Board to Consider Updated Shade Area for Canyon Early Learning Center; Top Students To Be Honored

At its next meeting (agenda: the Monrovia Board of Education will consider, among other things ...

~ Approving an agreement with WestGroup Designs for a design to modernize the shade structure at Canyon Early Learning Center, provided the district can get state funding to do it.

~ Approving a job description for principal at Canyon Early Learning Center (salary $120,618 - $127,985).

~ Approving a job description for Director of the Extended Learning and Enrichment Programs (salary $120,618 - $127,985).

~ Honoring its top students:

AP Scholars
Sophia R. Adkins, Francisco G. Alcala, Megan P. Barrett, Shaylen S. Berry, Erin A. Byrnes, Zoey C. Caputi, Kendra M. Christian, Evan M. Clements, Hunter S. Craig, Brooklyn C. Cumes, Jacob E. Cupp, Cedric Donohue, Alyssa D. Escarcega, Luke C. Grebel, Kendra L. Harbert, Kristoffer J. Kaufmann, Carlos Martinez, Layla E. Mihal, Christian Morales, Jacqueline H. Munoz, Deanna D. Pham, Elie C. Raad, America N. Ramos, Brendan Q. Reyes, Matthew A. Rocha ,Chloe E. Thomas, Ryan D. Thrailkill.

AP Scholars with Honors
Valery A. Almeida, Lukas C. Barkume, Silas D. Brusseau, Michael A. Camacho, Jonathan Camargo, Robert C. DeBetta, Finn Espinoza, Julia G. Heatherly, Ian M. Hughes, Sophia G. Lee, Elizabeth Liu, Alexandra A. Lo, Susann Martinez, Matthew Nguyen, Jordan T. Smith.

AP Scholars with Distinction
Antoinette Body, Kento H. Bushey, Lucas Corsi, Edward L. Feldman, Angelina A. Hamilton, Jack W. Heatherly, Matthew P. Hui, Elizabeth A. Hutson, Marcel K. Kortylewski, Alexander L. Lenz, Anais I. Montes, Natalie E. Nash, Jane L. Neuman, Kaylena D. Pham, Andrew Y. Smithwick, Megan T. Ta, Ashlynn Vales.

- Brad Haugaard

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