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Monrovia On Target With Water Savings; Job Openings; Electric Bikes Cheap! Film Access Through Monrovia Library

In his latest report ( City Manager Dylan Feik reports: 

~ Monrovia was able to save 22% of water in August compared to 2020. This puts the city on target to achieving the Metropolitan Water District's goal of 20% water use reduction. Here's a report on water by the Public Works Department to the City Council:

~ There are several job openings with the city. See them here:

~ The GoSGV electric bike program offers long-term sharing of electric bicycles to San Gabriel Valley residents to help decrease drive-alone trips and increase bicycling trips. Two bike typess are available:  Classic Commuter - $69 a month for early bird special ($79 standard); Student - $49 a month; Cargo - starting at $129 a month for up to 2 months. Details:

~ Monrovia Public Library is launching a new service for card holders, Kanopy, an online film and television streaming service. It has 300 film and television titles, including international films, PBS documentaries, historical dramas, and biographies. Sign in with your library card here:

Opinion: I signed up and found the pickings very thin. The focus is on race, gender and international, so if that's your interest you'll probably be happy.

I didn't recognize many of the films and many of the categories had little or nothing in them. For instance the categories Science Fiction & Fantasy (there is no "Science" category, by the way), Family Friendly, Animation, Horror, and Instructional displayed this message: "Alas, your selection isn't available at your library." "Family Friendly" isn't available for the Monrovia library?!

In the Thriller category were just two listings: Wild Indian, and Lila & Eve; In Action & Adventure was just one film - Kills on Wheels; and Classic Cinema had just three films: Autobiography of Miss Jane Pitman, Native Son, and Black Like Me.

Hopefully the selection will become a more inclusive as it grows.

- Brad Haugaard

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