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Green Care Day Draws 300 to Monrovia Schools

Food ED, a local Monrovian nonprofit, hosted its first Green Care Day on Saturday morning, Sept. 24 at six schools and the community garden in Monrovia. Sites included Monroe Elementary, Plymouth Elementary, Mayflower Elementary, Wild Rose Elementary, Monrovia High School, Santa Fe Computer Science Magnet Middle School, and Monrovia Community Garden. 

Almost 300 people gave their time and energy to beautify gardens, mix new soil, clean up campuses, stain picnic tables, and make their outdoor learning spaces hospitable to students and our pollinator friends for the new school year. 

Volunteers were welcomed by Mayor Becky Shevlin, who thanked everyone for their efforts and by MUSD School Board President Selene Lockerbie, who said these gardens do more than just grow food. "They teach kids about career pathways and healthy eating. What Food ED is doing is educating our students about creating a sustainable future." Volunteers joined community partners like Amigos de los Rios, Pack 66, Girl Scouts, Starbucks, and other service groups for a successful day. 

Kristin Ritzau, Executive Director for Food ED, said, "It was to see so many great people come out to help the gardens and schools. Monrovia truly has a special spirit and we are grateful for the energy everyone brought today."

Source: Monrovia Schools press release

- Brad Haugaard

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