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Council to Discuss Signing Up for Green Energy Option

At its next meeting (agenda: the Monrovia City Council will ...

~ Discuss joining 32 other cities in the Clean Power Alliance joint powers authority, which would give the city access to green, or "green-er" electricity starting in 2024. If the city joins, it would choose a default green level: 100% renewable (such as wind, solar, geothermal), 50% green, or 40% green. However, individual customers could switch to one of the other two levels, or opt-out entirely and return to SCE electricity. For each $100 of electricity at current rates, 100% green electricity would cost an extra $3 and 50% green would cost an extra $1.

~ Consider appointing Susie Ling to fill the unexpired Monrovia Library Board term ending June 30, 2023. The position became vacant when board member Janet Wall resigned to become city treasurer.

~ Consider proclaiming Oct. 10-16, as Code Enforcement Officer Appreciation Week.

~ Consider proclaiming October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

~ Consider proclaiming October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

~ Hold a study session at 6 p.m.: "Debt Report / Review of the City's Debt and Credit Rating."

- Brad Haugaard 

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