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Monrovia School District Will Pay Fees for Advanced Placement Exam

The Monrovia Unified School District will pay the fees of any student interested in taking Advanced Placement (AP) exams later this spring. AP courses provide students with the opportunity to take college-level coursework in high school. Most colleges and universities offer credit to students who pass the exams taken at the end of each course. Typically, the cost of each exam is about $100. For juniors and seniors who often take more than one course, the fees can add up quickly.

“I'm excited to see the many ways Monrovia Unified School District is breaking down barriers to higher education for all of our students,” Board President Selene Lockerbie said. “I hope this will encourage more students to enter the AP pathway.”

“By doing this, we ensure that every student who takes an AP course will also take the respective AP exam without having to worry about finding the money to do so,” Superintendent Dr. Ryan Smith stated. “In the past, many students had to make tough choices about which test to take due to financial concerns, so not all students who took an AP course also took the exam. As a result, some students may have missed out on the opportunity to earn college credit. This action addresses this and is a clear example of the Board and District’s commitment to equity,” he added.

“This is a great action being taken by the district,” said Monrovia High School ASB President Emma Nahapetian. “It’s definitely a weight being lifted off of students' shoulders. The school year can get expensive, and being able to earn college credit without a fee is going to benefit many. It will provide equity for all of the students enrolled in AP courses.”

In 2022, 353 AP students at MHS took a total of 605 exams. Monrovia Unified will also provide study materials/booklets to AP students to help them prepare for the spring exams. Any student/family who already paid for their exam or made a deposit will be reimbursed from their ASB accounts.

Source: Monrovia Schools press release

- Brad Haugaard

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