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Equity Committee Doesn't Find Unfairness in City Government; Budget Update; Asia/Pacific Heritage Month

At its next meeting (agenda: the Monrovia City Council will ...

~ Receive a report from the Ad Hoc Committee on Equity and Inclusion that basically says Monrovia does not have any unjust or unfair policies, practices, and procedures. 

The staff report says: "The Committee's sole function was to review with the community to determine whether any policies, practices, and procedures of the City of Monrovia are unjust or unfair; create structural barriers to diversity, equity, and inclusion in City governance, employment, or enforcement; or perpetuate systemic racism in City government and provide a report back to the City Council with any recommendations for change the Committee deems advisable for consideration."

The committee, formed after the killing of George Floyd, not only didn't report any such flaws, but was complimentary of city departments. It made 44 recommendations . The report is here:

~ Receive a mid-year budget update. Basically, property tax is fine. Sales tax is "better than originally expected." Hotel bed tax (TOT) has been "the most impacted," but city staff is hopeful it will improve as travel picks up. Plus, some small increases and decreases in expenditures.

~ Proclaim May as Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month.

- Brad Haugaard

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