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City Council to Consider Electric Vehicle Charging Stations for Old Town

Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

At its next meeting (agenda: the Monrovia City Council will consider installing 12 electric vehicle charging stations around town for both city and public use. The equipment and installation will cost up to $112,600, paid for by the AQMD Motor Vehicle Subvention Fund.

The equipment will be installed at the City Corporate Yard, 600 S. Mountain; City Hall, 415 S. Ivy; City Police Department, 140 E. Lime; and City Parking Lot #4, 100 block of E. Lemon.

- Brad Haugaard


  1. So taxpayers from somewhere else get soaked so Monrovia can boast about its participation in the EV hoax. Huzzah. If EV's were soooo good, they wouldn't need the crutch of charging points every 100 feet. And who pays for the electrons that the highly virtuous EV owners put in their ambulatory fire hazard/toxic waste conveyances? The city, which has no money it collected except from taxpayers?

    Just how many other special deals are the rest of us supposed to pay for?

    1. #1. You didn't read that the AQMD is paying for it using the vehicle subvention fund. You can read more about that fund at

      #2. Electric vehicles are far more economical than gasoline vehicles, costing less than half for every mile driven. The problem is that there aren't "gas" stations every 100 feet like there are for gas guzzlers. Programs like these are working to change that.

      #3. The people using the charging stations pay for the electricity AND the cost of the station, since it's usually a little more expensive than retail residential electricity prices to charge.

      You seem to have a lot of pent up indignation that's all generated from your ignorance of the facts.