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A Moment in Monrovia History: Monrovia Days Parade 1926

Monrovia Days Parade 1926 seen from the northeast corner of Myrtle and Orange (now Colorado). First National Bank building at 601 S Myrtle Ave. Photo by William Ward. See full details here. From the William Ward collection. Identifying information from Kim Ward Anderson.

For more historic photos and papers, see the Monrovia Historical Society’s complete Legacy Project collection here. Learn more about the Monrovia Historical Society here.

Correction: This post originally said the photo  was taken from the southwest corner, but according to City Historian Steve Baker, it is actually looking AT the southwest corner  

- Brad Haugaard

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  1. I wish the stores would carry the postcards of previous years parades like they did when I grew up there . You could find post cards with the parade on them at thrifties and various other stores around town . Can someone ask them to make those it would be nice to collect and put side by side with my rose parade photos im from Monrovia