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It's 'Terrifying' - Monrovian Ulises Gutierrez Recovering from COVID-19

Ulises Gutierrez, a prominent Monrovian, reports on Facebook that he is recovering from COVID-19 at Arcadia Methodist Hospital. He writes:

I’m beating COVID-19

Today I have decided that I am a victor and not a victim!

I’m on day 22 in fighting COVID-19. It has not been easy; actually quite terrifying. 2 visits to the ER and 8 days of being hospitalized - I was successfully discharged 3 days ago. Major weight loss, fatigue, my body has been dragged by the virus... but I’m on the mend; lungs have cleared the virus!

There is no exaggeration to what this virus has the potential to do: rip your health apart, impact your family/home, put your career/work at risk... and depression; this can be very depressing.

But I am grateful for a faithful God! In these 22 days I have seen His power at work in my life... especially when I have been alone and have had to face the most life threatening circumstances; yes, life threatening.

I thank God on this 22nd day for His faithfulness and I am trusting him to rebuild my life. He is a healer - my healer; your healer!

Truly grateful to the amazing medical team at Methodist Hospital of Southern California! My home church, LifeChurch UPC, rocks and I am so appreciative of my friends at Mountainside Communion! Thank you to my dear friends for the calls, prayers... groceries - - I have been strengthen by your love and FAITH!

(That yellow tent @ hospital is where it all starts - you step into the unknown)

The fight continues!

- Brad Haugaard

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for sharing your testimony of God's hand during this time in your life. I like that you chose to see God and chose to be a victor and not a victim. God bless you.