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Should Monrovia Raise Its Sales Tax?

In his State of the City speech, Mayor Tom Adams proposed a sales tax increase for the city to preempt what he thinks the county will do.

The idea as I understand it is this: There is a legal limit on how much sales tax can be collected - 10.25% max I believe - so if the County approves another sales tax - which Adams believes is likely - then the money will go to LA County instead of to Monrovia, and the city will get very little of it back. However, if the city maxes out its tax rate first, then the city would get 100% of the new tax and the county would get zip.

Currently, I understand, the total sales tax in Monrovia is 9.5%.

Hmm. What do you think?

- Brad Haugaard


  1. You asked what do I think? Time to leave California and wait for it to sink in the ocean, not because of the San Andreas, but because of all of these politicians who take away our money and give it all away.

  2. Another moron who hates California but won't leave. Please leave! I would never live somewhere that I hate.

    1. Like I'm going to take advice from someone who hasn't the balls to publish his real name on a public forum - SMH

  3. I'll make this short and sweet, HELL NO on a City Sales Tax.

  4. "Because the county might do it" fails to justify raising the sales tax. What would become of the money? If Adams had a reason the city needs more money that could pass muster, it might make sense.

    I am with Naid on leaving CA. The political class has plenty of money, it's where they spend it that is the problem and why there is never enough.

    I have a business here and we are not in a position to move. I want my employees to have a chance at a future, but CA is a strategic disadvantage for us as we compete in national markets.

    If the solons in Sacto and our local pols keep piling more taxes and regulations on my business and me personally, there will come a time where the risks and pain of NOT leaving will exceed the reward.

    You can color me "gone" when that happens.