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Hidden Trail Above Monrovia

If you look at a map of the Hillside Wilderness Area it appears the short hike from the top of Highland Place does not connect with the rest of the preserve - but it does!

There is an unmarked walking trail (roughly where I’ve drawn the green line) connecting the two. Here’s how to find it. 

Entry point above Highland. 

If you enter on Highland, hike up the road until you get a peek at a section of k-rail on the left (that little white strip in the photo above). When you see the k-rail the trail is just a bit ahead of you on your left (marked by red arrow).

If you enter on Cloverleaf, follow the trail road (It is to your left just as you enter the gate) and when you get to the sign (below) take the "Experienced Trail Users" trail. 

Climb the hill and you’ll encounter a green bench (below). Just a few feet past the bench on the uphill side the trail branches off to your left (shown by red arrow).

There is one short but rather steep section on this connecting trail, so be prepared. There are always dangers in the mountains and I’m not recommending you take this hike so if you decide to do it it is entirely your decision. 

- Brad Haugaard