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Two Monrovia High Students Win Four-Year Full College Scholarships

Harry Leng (left) and Guadalupe Hilario (right).

Monrovia High School seniors, Guadalupe Hilario and Harry Leng, have been awarded Match Scholarships from QuestBridge, the first time two students from the school have won in the same year. The scholarships provide full four-year coverage valued at over $200,000, including tuition, housing, food, books, and travel expenses, eliminating financial barriers for the students' higher education.

QuestBridge matches historically low-income, high-achieving students with the nation's top colleges.

"It's a lot of weight that's taken off my shoulders," Hilario said. "College tuition these days is so expensive. So I always wondered, how will my parents ever be able to pay that? But now I know that they don't have to worry about that. So that's such a relief."

"I have so many great teachers who have taught me to study, work hard, and pursue my dream despite whatever situation I'm in," Leng said. "The faculty here, especially my counselors, like Miss Ghezzi and Miss Hernandez, are amazing counselors who helped me, guiding me in that college journey."

Hilario will attend Washington University in St. Louis, while Leng will head to Duke University. 

- Brad Haugaard


  1. Congratulations to the both of you!
    May you conquer your expectations and more!

  2. Best of life to both you. The sky is the limit