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People Counter To Be Installed at Wilderness Preserve; Council Approves Satoru Park; Gravel, Bags Available; Learn Beer Brewing; Garden Plots Available

In his latest report ( City Manager Dylan Feik reports:

~ A people-counter device will be installed at the Ridgeside access point for the Hillside Wilderness Preserve to better understand how the trials are being used. An invisible beam and detect hikers and bicyclist as they pass by. The device will not take pictures. For questions contact Canyon Park and Hillside Wilderness Preserve Staff at 256-8282.

~ The City Council has approved naming Monrovia's new park Satoru Tsuneishi Park to honor him, his family and Asian Americans. Hale Corporation donated the land behind the new Chick-Fil-A to the city for the park.

~ In anticipation of this weekend's storm, gravel and gravel bag materials will be available at the Recreation Park parking lot off of Olive, near the skate park. Self serve. Bring your own shovel, gloves and eye protection. For information call Public Works at 932-5575 or email 

~ Be a Monrovia brew master. Each week participants will meet at a Monrovia brewery, sample beers, and learn about beer making. Light snacks at each stop. Participants must be 21 or older. $100 per person (plus $10 for non-residents). Fee includes a flight of beers each week and a Monrovia Brew Masters t-shirt. Register here  (click on Adult Classes > Education). For more information contact the Community Center at 256-8246. 

~ One Earth Community Garden now has garden plots available. For more information visit the Grow Monrovia website here

- Brad Haugaard

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