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Statement of City Council Candidate Sergio Jimenez

Sergio was unanimously appointed to the Monrovia City Council in 2022. Prior to that, Sergio served on the Monrovia Historical Preservation Commission for 9 years and was a Former Chair. Sergio has been a Board Member of the Monrovia-based Volunteer Center of the San Gabriel Valley for 12 years. A Board Member of Monrovia Historical Preservation Group (MOHPG) for 3 years. A Member of Monrovia Rotary, The Bradoaks Neighborhood Watch, Monrovia Latino Heritage, a Reader at Read Across Monrovia at Monrovia Schools, AND THE Chair of Monrovia Art in Public Places Committee. He also served on the Monrovia Make A Difference Day for 10 years. Sergio is a Third Generation Monrovian with a Masters degree and a Juris Doctor law degree, lifelong resident who attended local schools, public servant, and businessman. His priorities include:

Strong Public Safety: Sergio has been a strong advocate for giving Monrovia Law Enforcement and Firefighters the resources they need to perform their jobs. Public safety is the #1 job of government. Sergio wants to continue building on strong relationships with First Responders.

Preserving Monrovia’s Historic Identity: Advocating to preserve the historic character and architecture of Monrovia has been a priority for Sergio. He has championed recognizing and celebrating the Route 66 Centennial in Monrovia. If elected will continue to be the voice for Historical Preservation on the Monrovia City Council.

Small Business Advocacy: Advocating for businesses was one of the reasons that Sergio ran for City Council. Sergio has met with small business owners to help create a more business friendly Monrovia. Sergio will continue to promote the small business community.

Mental Health: Sergio voted to implement the SGV Care program that adds mental health professionals to the 911 and 988 Emergency Calls to those suffering a mental health crisis in Monrovia.

Expanding More Affordable Housing: Sergio is for setting aside units in housing developments that are far more affordable than market rental rates.

Homelessness/The Unhoused: Sergio is committed to continue the progress of Monrovia’s Homeless Prevention Program.

Vote for Sergio Jimenez on Tuesday, March 5, 2024.


  1. Fair enough Brad can delete that part of the comment.

    1. Actually, I can’t delete parts of comments. It’s all or nothing. - Brad

  2. You can delete first comment

    how do you actually propose to do those things you are advocating for?

    Generally you can’t preserve or keep our historical charm while being pro development.

    Seems to me Sergio is just using buzzwords trying to accommodate everyone.

    If you go to his website he also states that he wants to incentivize building accessory dwelling units. Again not pro historical but pro development.