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Cost of Lyft Rides May Go Up for Individual Riders

The new GoMonrovia transportation program is such a success that it may run out of money, and some prices for Lyft rides may go up.

According to a city official who was at a study session Tuesday, the City Council learned that so many people are using the Lyft system that the program may burn through its grant money.

So, one possibility that was discussed was to keep the price for a Lyft ride at 50 cents for groups of Lyft riders, but raise it to $3 per ride for individual riders.

- Brad Haugaard


  1. They may also want to consider a low fee for those who need a sober driver.

  2. How about lower fees during the week, or off peak times?

  3. How about a 90% off discount instead of a flat $0.50? Or how about you raise my taxes as needed? This is a great program.