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City Council to Consider Opposing Proposal Making Criminal Sentencing Lighter; Providing Free Meals for Seniors

At its regular meeting at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, July 17 (agenda:, the Monrovia City Council will consider...

~ Adopting a resolution ( opposing the Fair Sentencing and Public Safety Act.

The act would amend state law to:
• Reduce the number of felonies that are considered violent and serious,
• Limit eligibility for a third strike sentence,
• Require that any state savings resulting from its provisions be spent on education, prison inmate rehabilitation, and youth crime prevention,
• Remove the crimes of burglary and robbery that do not result in significant bodily harm from the list of violent felonies,
• Remove robberies and burglaries in which a firearm or other dangerous weapon is not actually used from being classified as a violent felony, and
• Allow any prison inmate serving an indeterminate life sentence for a third strike according to the three-strikes law to request a resentencing for their third-strike crime under the changes made to felony classifications.      
~  An agreement ( with Serenity Care Health to provide meals for a new senior nutrition program lasting until June 30, 2019. Serenity proposes charging  $21,840 for 80 meals a week for a year, or $5.25 per meal. Comment: I hope the council understands that if the city gives stuff away for free, it will likely attract more people (people love bargains), so the number of people it ends up feeding - and the cost - may be far more than planned.

- Brad Haugaard


  1. Oh my, where do I even begin on Fair Sentencing and Public Safety Act? It boils down to, what are these people thinking? Fair to whom? Whose safety? This is nothing but gold for felony offenders. We are already dealing with the results of Prop 47. Who in their right mind thinks Fair Sentencing and Public Safety Act is a good idea.
    As to senior meals, shaking my head. We have government feeding our children, and now government is feeding seniors. I am a senior. No thank you. I would prefer to buy my own groceries and fix my own meals. People, stop selling yourself. Just because it is free does not make it better.

  2. You're probably a senior with a nice pension. Man, I don't see how anyone could think that it's bad for the government to help seniors in need, people who spent their life contributing taxes. This is the kind of government support that I think is excellent. The argument that, "I don't need help, so no one should", is ridiculous.

    Anyone who breaks into someone's sacred home should get life in prison. This is one of the most atrocious crimes possible. I sure support our city opposing this crap.

  3. I don't see the argument "I don't need help, so no one should" being presented. Unfortunately whenever the government is providing those who really do need assistance get less because those who do not need it siphon off.

  4. Just read the crime report in MONROVIA NOW every week and you see what "our thin blue line" is up against. Prop. 47 has just emboldened the depredations of career criminals.
    Stiffer sentences; more prisons; I'll pay the higher taxes.