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The Homeless and Rotating Churches

I was talking to a friend who attends Lake Avenue Church in Pasadena, who said something interesting that I think might be relevant to the homeless problem in Library Park.

Apparently a number of churches in Pasadena feed the homeless, but they take turns, and they don't do the feeding in one place, but at each of the churches.

This taking turns part interests me.

Not that Pasadena is generally a model to be emulated, but I wonder if by taking turns the churches there tend to ensure that the homeless do not all congregate in one area, making life difficult for people who live and work in that particular area. One place doesn't become too much of a problem.

I'm not suggesting this approach solves the problem, but I wonder if it might help.

- Brad Haugaard


  1. This is an interesting idea.

  2. How many churches are feeding the homeless? I was only aware of one, the Methodist church, which is a short walk from the park.