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Council Will Consider Buying More Water

The City Council will get an update on water consumption during a study session at 6 p.m. prior to its regular session this coming Tuesday, then at 6:30 will honor graduates of the Monrovia Area Partnership Youth Leadership Academy. 

During its regular session at 7:30 (agenda: the council will consider spending $734,160 to lease 1,000 acre feet of Main San Gabriel Basin water production rights from the Azusa Valley Water Company and the Main San Gabriel Basin Watermaster “to meet our current customer demand.”

- Brad Haugaard 


  1. This saves the City some money, good. How does this 'savings' benefit each Property Owners'/Residents' water bill?

  2. If the Council would stop approving these high density residential projects, we wouldn't need more water .

    Can't they see they're selling the soul of Monrovia? Foothill & Huntington have become alternatives to the 210.

    Time to draw some red lines...should be issue in next Council election.