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Bill By Monrovia's Senator Would Limit Firearms Purchases, Increase Minimum Purchase Age to 21

The California Senate Public Safety Committee has voted to pass SB 1100 authored by Senator Anthony J. Portantino, who represents Monrovia. SB 1100 would prohibit a person from making more than one firearm purchase within a 30-day period in California and increases the age requirement for purchasing all firearms to 21 years.

Source: Portantino press release

- Brad Haugaard


  1. Portatino is a very dull man, but a reliable shill for bright ideas he can borrow from other Democrats or otherwise support.

    In this case, nobody should be allowed to vote, sign a contract, buy a vehicle or live anywhere except with their parents if they are insufficiently competent to possess a firearm.

    This idea, a national one of Democrats, is completely without any foundation that shows it has anything to do with public safety. How do you explain to an enlistee at age 18 in the armed forces, who is issued and trained to use "weapons of war" to include automatic weapons, explosive devices and IED's, not to mention how to use a combat knife to gut an enemy in hand-to-hand combat...but he/she can't buy a firearm in "progressive" CA?

    How stupid is that?

    This bill is more public masturbation by Democrats pretending to "do something" about "gun violence".

    Democrats and citizen-disarmament organizations funded by Mike Bloomberg and Soros never want to talk about how 54% of gun violence occurs in a few places which are Democrat urban plantations, most often black-on-black out of gang contests, and supposedly have strict gun controls (in the name of public safety).

    The only time Democrats really get agitated about gun violence is when white kids get killed with an AR pattern rifle. The actual bigotry of this narrow view is disgusting past redemption.

    Monrovia is typically prejudiced against citizens carrying concealed, following the lead of others in Los Angeles County. The same follower mindset got us a plastic bag ban..."Pasadena did it!" Yah, like Pasadena has a corner on the truth.

    This is a stupid idea and likely will end up on Moonbeam's desk.

    Exit question: Will the City Council of Monrovia get ahead of the curve and avoid losing residents with financial and intellectual capital by taking a position against stupid laws like this one?

    I don't have much faith. Look up the word "quisling". Nobody will even stand for office if not a quisling, they have better things to do. Which makes me wonder why the Council thinks of itself as something momentous.

  2. My husband, a veteran trained in infantry, recently applied for a CCW permit. He was turned down. The application is quite narrow. He had to state where he would carry, and if approved, he would be restricted to only that place.