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Qualifying Monrovia Students May Get Guaranteed Admission to Azusa Pacific

At its July 26 meeting (agenda:, the Monrovia School Board will, among other things, consider a "memorandum of understanding" with Azusa Pacific University that would guarantee Monrovia graduates who meet APU's requirements would be admitted to the university.

Comment: Also, I appreciate the district implementing an online agenda system that lets people click on the agenda and then click on the supporting documents for each item. This is a vast improvement on the previous system, which required the agenda and all the supporting documents - sometimes well over 120 pages if I recall - to be downloaded before you could see anything. This is much cleaner, simpler and faster. Thanks. You can see the new system here. Be careful to click on "Agenda." If you click "Packet" you will be downloading the whole nine yards, as before.

- Brad Haugaard

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