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District to Consider Paying $372,738 to Remove Furniture; Memorial for Battle

At its next meeting (agenda here), the Monrovia School Board will …

~ Consider paying Furniture Reuse Solutions Inc. $372,738.98 to remove old furniture from district schools. Details.

~ Discuss a memorial for Anne Battle (naming a building after her) in honor of her 51 years of service to the district. Details.

- Brad Haugaard 


  1. I guess Brad didn’t notice the item the board hid in the agenda to pay some lady named Deborah Deal $85,000 for only TWO MONTHS of “fiscal support mentoring and coaching.” The board didn’t make the contract with her available for the public to see either. Says she started last week. SMDH

    1. True. I missed that. There’s not much detail, but here is the link.

  2. 85K to do what?!
    Almost $400K to remove old furniture? In an earlier post it said $56,135.
    Monrovia must be awash with surplus funds. As a person who lives within means this sounds a bit unnecessary.