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A Moment in Monrovia History: Laurel and Hardy at Monrovia Airport

Comedians Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy with Al Blackburn and Bud Hanser at the Monrovia Airport in approximately 1943 or 1944. Gary Boen writes that the two comedians were at the airport for the filming of the Big Noise. The plane in the background, he writes, is a Waco Cabin; the old mechanic later said the plane was being repaired, which is why the wings are off. It started on fire by accident; the right wing was on fire on the ground. Blackburn was owner of the Monrovia Airport. From the Gary Boen collection. See full details here.

For more historic photos and papers, see the Monrovia Historical Society’s complete Legacy Project collection here. Learn more about the Monrovia Historical Society here.

- Brad Haugaard

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