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Schools: Grad Lists; Re-Roofing Clifton and Wild Rose; New Job Positions

At its next meeting (agenda here) the Monrovia Board of Education will ... 

~ Receive lists of graduates, here ...

Monrovia High School
Canyon Oaks High School
Mountain Park School
Community Adult School

~ Consider contracting with Best Contracting Services, Inc. for $3,327,663 to repair and restore the roofs at Clifton Middle School and Wild Rose School of Arts. Details

~ Create two new job positions: Special Education Coordinator, and Coordinator of Athletics and Student Support Services.

The Special Education Coordinator will be "responsible for assisting in the planning, implementation, administration, and maintenance of assigned special education programs."

"The Coordinator of Athletics and Student Support Services shall supervise and assist athletic coaches in the coordination of all athletic activities; schedule and coordinate athletic programs and events on campus; serve as the liaison between the school, Human Resources Dept., parents, students, and outside agencies; supervise and evaluate the performance of coaches and individual sports programs; assume responsibility for student discipline; supervise students during school and extracurricular activities; collaborates with the MUSD Middle School and Elementary School Athletics programs to ensure safe and engaging pathways to the MHS athletic program; advise students in a variety of areas; and perform related work as required."

- Brad Haugaard

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