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Proposal to Rename Louise Taylor Performing Arts Center After Former Board Member Betty Sandford Pulled

I just noticed an item that was pulled from the May 10 School Board agenda. A proposal was made to rename the Louise Taylor Performing Arts Center (aka "Monrovia High auditorium") after former School Board member and president Betty Sandford instead of former superintendent Louise Taylor. Although the name of the person making the request was not mentioned specifically in the minutes, they do record that, "Board Member Lockerbie shared for the record that a letter was written and submitted to her from Betty Sanford’s daughter." Taylor would instead have been recognized by a plaque. The rational for the change was Sandford's numerous contributions to the community, outlined on page 138-139 here. Two members of the audience, Karen K. Suarez and Debra E. Penzer spoke against renaming the Performing Arts Center.

- Brad Haugaard

1 comment:

  1. If you watch the broadcast, it was Rob Hammond’s idea. He didn’t like Louise. It kind of brings back memories from when Adams tried to get Hammond named Mayor Emeritus after he stepped down as Mayor. The good ole boys are losing control.