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Clifton and MHS Bands Receive $10k Grant with Help from Booster Clubs

Clifton Middle and Monrovia High School bands are getting additional funding thanks to $10,000 grants from the Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts (PSHA).

“We are thrilled to be recipients of the Pasadena Showcase House grant,” said Clifton Director of Music Tim Weed. “We will use the money to purchase instruments for the string and band program.”

MUSD parents, who are a part of the Clifton and MHS band's Booster Clubs, applied for these grants to help their school music programs. The non-profit clubs are always looking for ways to bring in new money for program improvements.

“The Boosters work hard throughout the year to raise funds to provide students an enriching musical education beyond what can be provided by the school budget,” said Lisa Reyes, VP of Ways and Means for the MHS Band Booster Club.

The MHS band will use that money to update their drum line gear, which is more than a decade old. These upcoming improvements are music to their director’s ears.

“Our current drum line is 12 years old, and just by the nature of the instruments, they take a beating,” said MHS Director of Bands Daniel Magallanes. “Replacing our current drum line will cost about $18k, and this grant will go a long way towards providing our students with instruments in good working condition for years to come.”

The Clifton band and its booster club look forward to new instruments and repairing older equipment for their growing music program.

“Everyone on the Clifton Band & Orchestra Board was ecstatic about being notified of the grant,” said Jayson Young, Clifton Band & Orchestra Boosters President. “The boosters spend a lot of time raising funds for the program, and this amount will have a meaningful impact.”

Every year, PSHA awards gifts and grants to a broad and diverse list of non-profit organizations to support their efforts in the community. They help support choirs, musical theater, school marching bands, dance programs, opera, jazz bands, and orchestras.

Monrovia Unified is grateful to our supportive families, band booster clubs, and these grants from the Pasadena Showcase House for the Arts to help support our middle and high school music programs. 

Source: Monrovia Schools press release

- Brad Haugaard


  1. To all the amazing people who were kind enough to donate money for the party bus for the Special Ed kids to go to their prom, you should be aware that TODAY, the day BEFORE the prom, the School Superintendent and the Board have decided that an insurance rider is required. This is AFTER the bus has been scheduled and paid for, and the $1000 is now not refundable. The school has known about this bus for THREE weeks, but no one said anything about insurance until today. I am upset!!! I apologize to all of you that this has happened.
    It is time to get rid of Ryan Smith, we have lost people in the district (15-20) he is a lier and what I don't understand is this board just listen to and go along with his mischievous doing. Traci I voted for you thinking you would be a good board member but you have yet to show it. Maritza, your just there because of Rob and you see he almost blew it by changing the name of the Auditorium because of his hate for Louise but Betty's family let the district know they weren't going to be a pawn for his crap. Ryan has brought in his people to have control and parents need to come forward to all district meetings to show this will not continue. Also we as parents need to start looking at the upcoming elections to put in new board members who will terminate the superintendent.

  2. Just to be clear, the first part of this comment is verbatim from my post on Wednesday night regarding the Special Ed kids and their prom. The second part of the comment is not mine, but seems to be from a disgruntled resident who obviously has kids in the schools.

    1. And whoever it is.. is not wrong, at least about the superintendent

  3. This superintendent sure seems to be trying to sink the boat. I have heard nothing but negative interactions from parents, teachers & staff. Not to mention the great staff members we’ve lost because of him and bringing in his own people. Changing the character of our district is not his job and the board members better step up.