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City Council to Consider: Opposing Tax-Limitation Measure; Hiring Consultant for Hillside Restoration; Shade at Station Square Park

At its next meeting (agenda here) the Monrovia City Council will ...

~ Consider opposing a statewide ballot measure, "The Taxpayer Protection and Government Accountability Act", which would limit cities' abilities to levy taxes and fees. Details 

~ Consider contracting with a company called Psomas for up to $65,366 to provide recovery services for parts of Canyon Park and the Hillside Wilderness Preserve following the Bobcat Fire. It would give advice on what to plant, trees that might fall and injure hikers, erosion control, invasive vegetation removal, temporary irrigation, native plant species, application methods, conceptual planting layouts, and long-term maintenance." Details

~ Hold a study session before the regular meeting on shade options for Station Square Park. Details 

~ Consider proclaiming May 2023 as Older Americans Month and recognize Older Monrovian of the Year Honoree Mark Harvis (Details); proclaiming May 2023 as Mental Health Awareness Month (Details); proclaiming May 2023 as Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (Details).

- Brad Haugaard

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