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Founder of Unity Center Honored

 The plaque, just outside the Foothill Unity Center, says:


The Foothill Unity Center was founded in 1980 by Josephine Anderson in a borrowed church closet in Monrovia. She was in charge of Immaculate Conception CatholicChurch's food program in the late 1970's when she realized that those needing food were going from church to church seeking help. Feeling that this was both ineffect; and wasteful, she rallied the leaders from local churches to solve this problem.

Mrs. Anderson was a strong and able leader who created and built what has become one of the best-known and effective organizations in Monrovia and the San Gabriel Valley. Over the years, the Foothill Unity Center has become a major source of food, health services and crisis assistance for thousands of low-income families. It is a multi-service agency serving as the region's primary provider of integrated services that help individuals and families move out of poverty and reach economic stability. In addition to her work at the Foothill Unity Center, Mrs. Anderson worked with the Monrovia Centennial Committee in the 1980's to develop a Child Care Consortium.

Mrs. Anderson was a humble and courageous leader who never failed to assist anyone regardless of their needs. She followed her intuition and did not regret breaking societal rules to help others. She changed the status quo and paved the way to help numerous individuals.

Dedicated October 15, 2022
Donna Hargett, Artist

- Brad Haugaard 


  1. God bless her. A true hero that should be admired.

  2. wonderful recognition of a well deserving lady