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City Manager Reports on Monrovia's Response to Fake Shooter Report at Monrovia High

City Manager Dylan Feik reported on the city's response to the false report of an active shooter at Monrovia High:
Today Monrovia Police Department (MPD) received a single call at 11:45 AM of an active shooter on the 2nd floor of Monrovia High School (MHS) which involved victims. MPD responded and the campus was immediately placed on lockdown while officers began sweeping the 2nd floor. MPD officers were on-site within three minutes from the time dispatch received the call to entry of the 2nd floor of the high school. There were no visible or audible signs or indication of a shooting so officers began sweeping rooms. MPD stationed a command post at the perimeter of the school to coordinate our response across the school campus where sweeps were already underway, but also to coordinate with incoming police units from outside agencies reporting to the call. In situations like these, neighboring law enforcement agencies will assist and receive directions from the command post where to go. Monroe Elementary was also placed on lockdown due to its proximity to the high school and after receiving a report of suspicious person walking around. The person was quickly identified as the parent of a student. The first high school building was cleared within 20 minutes of the call and MPD continued a thorough check of the entire campus, each room, as a precaution. The campus was ultimately cleared within approximately 90 minutes of the call.

Both Monroe Elementary and Monrovia High School lockdowns were lifted by 1:35 PM. At MHS, a reunification plan to reunite parents with their children was used. However, school remained in session through the remainder of the day for the students who were unable to go home, unable to be picked up by a loved one, or who simply wished to stay. MPD maintained a presence on site and throughout the remainder of the day. MPD will continue to investigate the source of the false threat and any reports received today. Other communities are reporting similar threats reported and the MPD is already working to report this incident to the Federal Bureau of Investigations.
- Brad Haugaard

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