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Uber-ish Service for Monrovia Students; 'Femineer' Engineering; Etc.

At its next meeting (agenda: the Monrovia Board of Education will consider ...

~ Contracting with HopSkipDrive ( to provide ride-sharing for school-aged children. It looks sort of like Uber for students:

~ A Memo of Understanding ( with Cal Poly Pomona and San Diego State University to provide Monrovia schools with their "Femineer" program, which appears  designed to encourage students - primarily girls - to be involved in engineering:

~ Accepting for public review prior to adoption, the textbook, "Human Geography A Spatial Perspective, AP Edition," ( for the high school history social science program. ($182.99 on Amazon:

~ Hiring Capturing Kids' Hearts for $55,000 (plus travel fee of $3,000) to conduct two staff training sessions, each two days long for up to 50 participants per session. According to its website (, the company "equips professionals in K-12 education to implement transformational processes focused on social-emotional wellbeing, relationship-driven campus culture, and student connectedness."

~  Giving raises and other compensation and benefits to district employees. Total compensation increase is  3.04 to 3.56 percent.

- Brad Haugaard

1 comment:

  1. I tried looking at Capturing Kids Hearts website. Lots of click on "Learn", but still do not understand exactly what they are doing. What are transformational processes, relationship driven, connectedness? I see a lot of words, but am missing exactly what it looks like.