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Trump Tower, Monrovia

You’ve perhaps heard of Trump Tower in New York or various other locations around the world, but this Trump Tower, bedecked with Trump flags, is in Monrovia, on Cloverleaf Drive at the foot of the mountains.

- Brad Haugaard 


  1. I find it telling how not only has this person destroyed a majestic tree in creating this shrine to lunacy but they have also flown nearly all of these Trump flags higher than the American flag which I think is a statement on where the hard core Trumper's loyalties rest.

    1. America is dead; disregard the flag. And our current president is MUCH more embarrassing than Trump...

  2. Every time I pass this I just feel so sorry for this neighborhood having to deal with this mental illness. He also has a weird billboard about Christmas that stays up all year. It's such a beautiful part of Monrovia. Don't understand how the City of Monrovia allows one homeowner to do this to a neighborhood.

  3. I always smile when I walk by. It reminds me no matter if one agrees or disagrees we can express our thoughts and beliefs in a peaceful manner. I do agree about placement, no flag should be flown above the flag of the United States.